How to impress your friends with this Nedis® Smart LED Strip? We can make it very easy to impress them, but more importantly, to impress YOU! With this 5 m Smart full colour LED Strip you can light up and set the perfect mood in every room of your home!

Grab yours while they're hot!

This new Wi-Fi Smart RGB-W self-adhesive LED strip is so popular that the first 10.000 pcs were already sold out before they came in. Why is this Smart LED Strip so popular?

Let's take a look at the Features & Benefits
• Easy to set up - simply connect to your Wi-Fi, download the free Nedis SmartLife app, control and schedule this LED strip with only your smartphone,
• Red, green, and blue colors are available / or you can select a hue from warm to cool white,
• The strip can be shortened or extended for endless possibilities,
• Double-sided adhesive (3M) already placed for easy installation,
• Works as stand-alone smart light or pair it with other SmartLife products.

Grab yours while you can and impress ALL your friends!

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