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KIT11 Advanced Precision Allergy Kit - Oval Connector - 36mm

Marca: Electrolux Referencia: 9001679597 Código EAN: 7319599020812

KIT11 Advanced Precision Allergy Kit - Oval Connector - 36mm

Nedis Number: 9001679597 Código del proveedor: KIT11
Código EAN: 7319599020812
Clean and care for the delicate surfaces in your home and limit dust and allergens with the Allergy kit.

This kit contains:
- 1 x Delicate Surface Nozzle* to remove dust and fine particles with soft bristles ideal for dusting blinds, lampshades and mouldings.
- 1 x Upholstery nozzle with thick pressure plates for effective and gentle removal of hair and upholstery fibers.
- 1 x Soft, washable microfibre cloth that picks up and holds dust for efficient cleaning.

Suitable for: Ultra Collection (UltraActive, UltraCaptic, UltraOne, UltraOneMini, UltraPerformer, UltraSilencer and UltraFlex with 36mm oval connector)

Product Reference: KIT11

*Refer to manufacturer's instructions before cleaning delicate surfaces.
PVP recomendado (IVA incluido)

€ 38,99

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Especificaciones de los productos

Color Gris
Peso 320 g
Tipo de encapsulado Caja cartón
Profundidad 90 mm
Anchura 320 mm
Altura 360 mm
Diámetro 36 mm

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