Cooking made fun

Cooking doesn't need to be complicated or boring! Nedis makes daily life easier with the Fun Cooking assortment. Spice up your dinner with our grills or fondue, or make every party complete with our candy floss machine, popcorn maker or chocolate fontains. Don't want to spend hours in the kitchen? With an air fryer any meal is ready in no time. 


 Nedis Fun Cooking assortment 

An airfryer makes your life easier and healthier

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle but can’t resist a guilty pleasure every now and again? Fry your snacks, fries and chicken wings in this hot air fryer with up to 90% less fat compared to a regular frying pan. These hot air fryers are the perfect upgrade to your kitchen equipment. Besides low-fat prepping of snacks, there’s so much more you can do with an air fryer. You can make vegetables, fish, all kinds of meat and even prepare delicious vegan dishes with ingredients like tofu. And with a built-in timer, non-stick coating and parts that can go straight into the dishwasher, cleaning up afterwards could't be any easier.

Dinner party

With the Nedis grills, every dinner instantly becomes a party. The party cooler is a great addition, which makes sure your drinks are always within reach. It does not only look chill but it also cools bottles, cartons, and cans, efficiently and quietly for any occasion, including keeping barbecue foods fresh for the grill!

For all the sweet tooths

Nedis has an option for every sweet tooth and every suitable activity. Watching your favourite movie with popcorn, create the best breakfast with delicious waffles or make your own ice cream or crepe as desert! The chocolate fontain and candy floss machine are a great addition to every kid's party, but let's be honest, who wouldnt want one in their kitchen?

Nedis - Fun Cooking